Located right at the water’s edge, Tooth Rock Estate is arguably the most prized portion of Jacobsbaai.

It took over four years to obtain approval for the development of this area and only after provision had been made for large nature parks in order to preserve the rich plant and animal life on the site was such approval obtained – in fact, almost half of the estate is comprised of nature parks. An array of large boulders creates the magnificent coastline along which Tooth Rock Estate is situated, whilst rich bird life and natural surrounds make for unrivalled seafront living – this estate truly is without comparison in all of the West Coast.The estate offers only 50 erven, most of which are North facing and of which 15 are seafront. Strict control is exercised over all construction in the estate, which is set to become the benchmark of West Coast architecture. The first phase of the services was successfully finished December 2009.


Property Type: Full Title Stands
Situation: Seafront
Price: From R795 000 to R2.2 mil per stand
Views: Spectacular Ocean Views.
Design Guidelines: West Coast vernacular architecture.
Nature: 4ha of nature park – many red databook species.
Size of the Development phase: 9.5ha
Number of units: 50 stands
Size of stands: 600m2


Tooth Rock Phase 2 Developement_2016_08_31-01