Mauritz Bay or Moerie-se-Baai as it is known locally is at the heart of the West Coast, with a history going back many decades.

The bay is historically famous for its rich sea life, especially abalone and lobster and as such had always been a popular attraction. Offering almost perfect protection from the open sea it is an ideal place to launch small boats, allowing easy access for fishing and diving.

Phase I of Mauritz Bay had been completed in 2003 and saw a sell-out in a matter of a few weeks. Strict adherence to architectural guidelines resulted in a remarkably beautiful development, with no two houses being exactly the same, whilst all complementing each other in showing off the different nuances of traditional West Coast architecture. As developers we believe that Mauritz Bay achieves our goal of architecture that truly compliments the natural surrounds and creates that indefinable feeling we can only call “atmosphere”.

Due to the popularity of Mauritz Bay a decision was reached to develop a second phase, located between the existing Mauritz Bay development and the established Jacobsbaai town area.This development allows for 26 erven, which has now been equipped with services and are available for sale. Due to the fact that much of the cost of servicing these erven had already been incurred and covered by phase 1, the properties in phase 2 are remarkably well priced.

Please refer to the area map and price list of available erven.


Property Type: Full Title Stands
Situation: Sea facing, sea views.
Price: From R550 000 to R750 000 per stand
Security: Jacobsbaai Neighborhood Watch
Views: Over Town and Ocean.
Design Guidelines: West Coast vernacular architecture.
Nature: Close to 4ha of nature park
Size of the Development Phase: 6.5ha
Number of units: 6 stands still available
Size of stands: +-700m2 – 820m2